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As a nanny or parent, you know all about the “behind the scenes” of childcare that few see. You know about the messes, the challenges, the triumphs, and the successes.

While things can get a little crazy, we all wouldn’t change it for the world!

About Us

After over five years in the industry, I’ve seen more than I could ever have imagined! I’ve learned so many things, from finding the right family to meal planning the perfect kid-friendly meal.  I’ve worked for many different families and learned a lot along the way.


Because I know the process from the nanny side so personally, I wanted to create a way that made it as easy as possible for the families on the other side of the process to have a positive experience as well. As a parent, it is so important that you find a nanny that you trust: they may be the missing piece to your family’s childcare puzzle.



With Oh Nanny, it’s my goal to connect families with nannies that they will be compatible with and that meet their family’s individual needs. To make successful connections, I look at a multitude of factors to ensure that the matches are made in nanny-heaven! I work to assist in the process from start to finish.

I set up interviews, help with negotiation and contract building, and assist in conflict resolutions for any issues that come up down the road. The nannies in the Oh Nanny community are experienced and committed to making a connection that is positive for both parties. As families in the Oh Nanny community, you may find yourself looking for either temporary or permanent nanny placements.

Oh Nanny is a place where you can come and find those connections. The goal of Oh Nanny is to create a community for families and nannies. I’ll work together with you to help your family create a positive and nurturing environment with a nanny that is focused on the child/children involved. With a nanny that is just as okay with those messes, challenges, triumphs, and successes.

My approach is personalized and intentional, and I work hard to ensure that you find the perfect fit.

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