• What is a nanny?

    A nanny provides in home childcare for families. Depending on the family and nanny, nannies may have duties in addition to childcare. Unlike babysitters that only watch your children occasionally, nannies are typically scheduled on a reoccurring basis. To learn more about our services and pricing, visit our services page by clicking the button below.

  • Do I need a nanny?

    A nanny is great option for families looking for more one on one childcare, have a schedule that conflicts with daycare, would like to include other child related duties like homework help. There are many great reasons to have a nanny!

    If your family's needs aren't typical, there's no problem at all! Nannies are most often placed to meet the custom needs of each family, meaning we will find a nanny that meets the needs of your family.

  • How soon can my nanny start?

    Finding a nanny can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. Some nannies are available for immediate hire, while others will need a 2 to 4 week notice. If you are in need of immediate childcare, we can place a temporary nanny while we search for a permanent placement.

  • What should I expect to pay my nanny?

    Nanny wages depend on job duties, number and ages of children, and experience of nanny. You can typically expect to pay from $13 - $25 per hour for full or part time nannies. For a nanny wage estimate based on your specific needs, contact us by clicking the button below.

  • How much do nannies make?

    Pay varies depending on experience and responsibilities. Our nannies’ base price typically start at $12 - $15 per hour. Then, add $1 - $3 per child. Then, another $2 - $5 per hour should be added for household duties. Separately, nannies should be reimbursed for mileage and/or gas spent driving in their personal vehicles. This can be the federal standard $0.58/mile (2019), or it can be built into the pay. Make sure to consider wear and tear in addition to mileage and gas.

    • Examples:

      • $12/hour:

        • 1 child with no driving or household duties.

      • $18/hour + mileage reimbursement:

        • 3 kids with driving and some household duties.

      • $20/hour:

        • 2 children no driving or household duties.

    • Note: A nanny cannot legally be considered self-employed or an independent contractor. Nannies should always use a W-2 and be paid on the books if they are regularly scheduled or make more than $1,000 a year.

  • Do I need a contract?

    You absolutely must have a contract. If the family doesn't want to have one, then that is a red flag. A contract protects not only you, but also them! Many nannies can tell you stories of jobs gone awry that could have been avoided if there had been a contract.

    Contract must-haves are pay, hours, PTO, guaranteed pay, job duties, how long the contract is valid, and more. Stayed tuned for my contract blog post!

  • What should be discussed in an interview?

    Good starting points:

    • Parenting and/or discipline style.

    • What type and how long of a commitment is needed. Will this change in the future?

    • Are the parents first time employers? Why did the last nanny leave?

    • What role does the nanny play?

    • Ask about Nanny cams and come to an agreement on what’s okay and what’s not.

    • Daily and/or weekly duties.

    • Make sure to ask about allergies! Sometimes, even very serious allergies my go forgotten. For parents, ask what your nanny is allergic to. If you might be getting a pet later on, a nanny with a cat allergy may not be for you.

    • Every nanny or family has different things they want to discuss. As long as these questions are legal and non-discriminatory, compile a list of what’s important to you and ask.

  • How do I address issues with my nanny?

    Open communication is always the best way to keep issues from bubbling over, but sometimes they still do. Having a yearly or bi-yearly meeting can help to prevent this as well. Speak up in a respectful way if you run into a problem.

    First set aside a time to talk, and then stick to it. Talk the issues out then come to an agreement to solve them. Decide whether you are actually a good fit for each other. If you're not, that's perfectly okay!

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