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Interview with a Nanny Pt 1

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Everyone has their own favorite and least favorite things about being a nanny. Overall I love my career! When I walk into work and my Nanny Kid smiles or runs up to hug me my heart melts. Sometimes I have to do more laundry than I’d like or deal with cranky parents, but that's just what we do. I interviewed Kate to find out what other nannies favorite and not so favorite things are.

Disclaimer: Kate is a nanny developed to represent a group of anonymous nannies that interviewed voluntarily to share their stories as a nanny/child care giver. Any similarities between Kate and a nanny you know are coincidental.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of being a nanny?

My least favorite thing is witnessing neglect. It infuriates me. Makes me so sad. I’ve had a few less than stellar working environments where I didn’t want to leave, but was forced to quit. Fortunately, I’m much more experienced so I can usually spot red flags. Another least favorite thing about being a nanny is honestly just being shoved around. I feel that because of our title, families feel we are extra flexible and malleable. Which isn’t true as we have lives outside of this job but because it is SO personal, I feel like they forget these things.
Favorite part would be the fact I get to be with two really different and funny kids and get to be a kid with them. I love seeing their personalities develop, and I call them my little buddies because I’ve grown so close to so many of them and I often stay in contact with former Nanny Families. I get to be myself, I get to set my own “rules” (within parent reason of course!) and I am essentially my own boss when it comes to activities and crafts. I learned a ton about ME as well!

Kate has some great insight into the ups and downs of our jobs. When dealing with the downsides, like neglect, it’s important to remember that Nanny’s are mandated reporters. To learn more about what that means look here, or check out Unfortunately, there are families that will take advantage of us whether that be time or job duties. These families may not even realize their actions are wrong. It is SO important to set boundaries with families old or new. Remember to value yourself and your time first or no one else will. Once you get through the tough spots our jobs bring we can enjoy the best parts even more. Laugh and play with your Nanny Kids like you never have to clean old dishes again.

Leave a comment with your favorite/least favorite nanny things. If you are interested in telling your story through Kate just reach out at

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