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Interview with a Nanny Pt 2

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Nanny’s don’t have an HR department to go to when things go awry. Sometimes we have to deal with inappropriate questions, not being paid on time, or unsettling work environments. So, how do we navigate these situations and what resources do we have as nanny’s? I asked Kate.

Disclaimer: Kate is a nanny developed to represent a group of anonymous nannies that interviewed voluntarily to share their stories as a nanny/child care giver. Any similarities between Kate and a nanny you know are coincidental.

What are your favorite resources as a nanny?

Well r/nanny on Reddit is a huge one. Also blogs and fellow nanny friends help you not feel alone. It's hard to find someone to vent to who is in the same practice. And, teachers!! I ask them vocabulary they use in the classroom, the same reinforcements, etc. Keeping the same verbiage and motivations throughout the day is super helpful. Online is also fantastic at times I read a lot parenting books, articles, and online nanny forums.

Kate has some great ideas for where to find resources. I recommend r/nanny as well, since you can get so many different opinions. Check out my resources page for other resources I find helpful for nannies!

Leave a comment with your go to nanny resources. If you are interested in telling your story through Kate or doing a guest post just reach out at

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